Tips On How To Earn Money Offline-12 Month Millionaire: Audio Coaching Sessions With Vincent James

Russell Brunson, who has experienced a lot of financial success on the web, has released a program called 12 Month Millionaire: Audio Coaching Sessions With Vincent James, an audio interview series. It is based on the now out-of-print book 12 Month Millionaire, that had been authored by Vince James. Vince James, an ex-convict, is extremely successful financially using direct mail marketing. In his book, he explains how web marketers can pull in money and, in fact, Brunson interviewed James so he could be a lot more successful with his personal website marketing business.

With all of the strategies he learned from James, Brunson has generated millions himself, and is now in demand as a speaker on web marketing. In the interview, you can actually expect to learn how you can become successful when moving your online business offline and, if you're looking to do this, the information will be invaluable to you. A lot of the information provided in this interview will be misinterpreted by a large number of online marketers. However, there are a few useful points that will be understood by the intelligent marketer, who will be able to use the information to improve his business.

The beginning session of the interview is exactly how Vincent James began a million dollar business as a 21 year old boy. He discloses the road to his success and the niche he chose to get there. He shares the method he used to build a membership website that had 65,000 paying customers after 12 months. The second session covers what it requires to be an information publisher and how to create information products. Vincent shares the secret methods he utilized to successfully sell information products by making use of direct marketing and direct mailing. The value of having a list is always a great conversation topic and, in part three, Vincent speaks about how he develops and maintains a list of customers and prospects. You will find out how much your customers are worth to you as well as some ways that you can direct them into a regular flow of income.

Vincent uses the fourth part of the interview to talk about how he achieved business success with his advertising strategies. This session is crucial in case you are frustrated with your efforts to get sales from your site traffic. You are going to learn more advertising strategies in session five, such as using commercial ads on radio and TV, to generate leads. In the sixth session, Vincent addresses ways to deal with problems that will inevitably crop up in your business. Find out what your choices are if your product is stolen by someone.

It's easy to locate an online product that would help you learn to earn money. Some are better than others, and lots aren't newbie-friendly. You're going to learn a few valuable tips in this program, particularly on using offline marketing to make money. Whether you just started online marketing yesterday or have been at it for years, these interviews will give you some great info.
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